Special Event: Hidden Champions

Metropolitans gathered in May 2019 celebrate one of Austria’s unique assets: nurturing companies that are market leaders in their sectors. These enterprises, startups and innovative companies earn the country billions in revenue every year, but remain largely unknown to the public and often continue to be family-operated. It is time to shine a light on these “hidden champions”, who wave the “Made in Austria” flag as big-time global players.

At the event we had a couple of acclaimed speakers discussing their trade. Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Wiener Börse(Vienna Stock Exchange) and Jürgen Roth Vice President of the WKO (Austrian Chamber of Commerce) discussed what it’s like to spur an innovation community through policy and community building.

The event was located at the innovative Erste Bank Campus, right by the historic Belvedere Palace. Its award-winning architecture is the perfect space to celebrate the future of Austria’s global players.

Attendees enjoyed an evening of enticing speeches and great conversations, meet the game-changing players of Austria’s business scene and connected with other Metropolitans and our team.

METROPOLE Special Events take place twice a year and aim to connect Metropolitans from different business circles. Influential personalities from Vienna’s business scene, members of the diplomatic community, startup founders and investors gather at these themed, industry-targeted events.

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