The Sphera project gathers 10 partners from 7 countries to produce innovative content in 6 languages (EN, FR, DE, PL, ES, IT).

The project aims to engage Europeans all across the continent through videos, podcasts, events, and on social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Metropole will proudly add the Austrian and Central European perspectives to this project.

Metropole for Sphera

Launching Sphera

Pan-European videos – by Cafébabel & AWE

StreetPress for Sphera

Outriders for Sphera

Linkiesta for Sphera

El Salto for Sphera

Who are we?
10 partners
7 countries
6 languages
This is the Sphera project
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CafeBabel                Are We Europe
Bulle Media              Arty Farty
Street Press             El Salto
Linkiesta                  Outriders

Sphera partner videos

Partner media

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