For this Vienna-based improvisation group, there is no such thing as mistakes

Starting as a reading group in 1997 and moving progressively towards all-improvised performances since, the English Lovers bring their frenetic, light-hearted energy to three different formats, promising a unique show every time: Their regular Late Night Theatre Jam depends heavily on mood and audience interaction; Their big show at Vienna’s English Theatre kicks that recipe up a notch by featuring a cast of six and a musician, playing warm-up skits before launching into a fully improvised musical; and their experimental The Moments Between Nothing and Something pushes the boundaries with a projection artist and musician, seeing just how far they can go from a blank slate.


at Vienna’s English Theatre, Apr 21 – 23, 19:30,
8., Josefsgasse 12

at Theater Drachengasse Bar&Co
1., Fleischmarkt 20-22
Moments Between Nothing and Something: Apr 2-20 (except Mondays), 20:00,
Late Night Theatre Jam: Apr 8 & 22, 22:30