Startups: Do You Have it in You?

AustrianStartups’ Daniel Cronin on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Recently, I’ve noticed that lots of young founders confuse entrepreneurial life with the startup “lifestyle”, as in networking, pitching, parties and the like. Since we want people to keep living the dream and live it well, I’ve put together a primer on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

entrepreneurs can live with high degrees of uncertainty.

They feel responsible for their work’s outcome.

They think for themselves.

They are willing to work really hard.

They learn to effectively manage their emotions.

They can deal with external problems, internal anxiety and increased stress.

They push themselves to keep going despite people turning them down.

They value freedom more than stability.

So, do you feel ready to for an entrepreneurial adventure?
Check out Daniel’s “Startup Espresso” on YouTube or find him at an event of AustrianStartups

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Daniel Cronin
Daniel is a passionate entrepreneur, lecturer and presenter. He wrote his thesis on Mobile Marketing, became a founding member of the full-service app-agency allaboutapps and advises several startups. Daniel is Co-Founder and Member of the Board of AustrianStartups (a non-profit to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system) and lectures at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He has hosted more than 70 events on Startups including Pioneers Festival, one of the leading Startup-Events in Europe and was the presenter of the Austrian version of Shark Tank, “2Minuten, 2Millionen – die PULS4 Startup-Show” on national TV. [from]

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