There’s so much good television available to stream these days, to say nothing of the films. As the holidays roll in, quirky, dark children’s classics, Mexican demon hunters and alleged Russian royals entice you to stay in.

A Series of Unfortunate Events | Kids, NETFLIX

Based on the best-selling series from Lemony Snicket, the third and final season brings the story of the Baudelaire orphans and their evil uncle, Count Olaf, to an appropriately dramatic (and eccentric) conclusion. Get ready for one last season of elaborate disguises and mysterious plans!

Bird Box | Thriller, NETFLIX

In this postapocalyptic vision, an unseen threat lurks around every corner —
if you can see it, you’re already dead. Sandra Bullock plays a desperate mother leading her young children on a blindfolded trek to sanctuary, accompanied by a star-studded cast (Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes) in this gripping thriller.

Diablero | Action, NETFLIX

With angels and demons roaming the streets of Mexico City, a young, desperate priest is forced to seek the help of a band of supernatural outcasts to find a missing woman. Teaming up with an infamous diablero (demon hunter) and a Santería priestess, the priest soon finds himself caught up in an unpredictable and deadly war between heaven and hell.

The Romanoffs | Drama, AMAZON PRIME

From Emmy Award winner Matthew Weiner, (Mad Men) comes a sophisticated anthology that follows eight people around the world who believe they’re descendants of the Russian royal family. Each episode features a new cast in a new location, connected by their shared desire to believe they belong to something bigger than themselves.

Kingdom | Horror, NETFLIX

When an eerie plague strikes a medieval Korean kingdom, its victims are left delirious, impossible to kill and hungry for human flesh. In order to save his people, the crown prince must navigate a political conspiracy, palace intrigues and ravenous hordes to uncover the source of the plague.