Tall, sleek, elegant – fashion models can seem cold, removed, untouchable. We imagine they live charmed lives of pampered luxury, free entry and travel to exotic places. But behind the scenes it’s quite a different story

The ones who have become true fashion icons are few and far between.  A model’s job is to transform into different styles, moods; to embody emotions, on command, all the while looking effortlessly fetching. They have to make it look easy.
To capture the true feeling of fashion modelling we chose Vienna’s biggest photo studio, which has seen over 17 years of models painted, styled, tucked and captured. It’s a daylight-flooded studio housed in what were once the stables of the stately Palais Rothschild: Das Studio (Weinper & Co).


Creative Direction
Ali Rabbani // iamrabbani.com

Mahir Jahmal // mahirjahmal.com

Claudia Cerminara // fb.com/claudia.cerminara

Hair & Makeup
Selma Yakin  


Polina // stellamodels.com

Set design
Ali Rabbani

Das Studio // weinper.at