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For 650 years, these walls have seen fashion come and go. We take a look into where today’s styles found their origins.

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Founded in 1365, Vienna University Library is the oldest university library in the German-speaking countries; it is also the largest library in Austria, with an inventory of over 7.1 million books, 325,000 e-books, 80,000 e-journals and 7,400 print journals.

In 1938, Professor Moritz Schlick was killed by his former student and anti-Semite Johann Nelböck while ascending the steps of the University for a class. Two years later Nelböck was released by the Nazi regime.

The library is associated with 15 Nobel Prize winners and has been the academic home of a large number of figures both of historical and academic importance, like Erwin Schrödinger and Konrad Lorenz.

The Library was opened in 1884 and through their far-reaching innovations in the coming year under director Friedrich Grassauer, it quickly acquired a leading position among the academic libraries of the Habsburg Empire.

Women were admitted as full students from 1897, although their studies were limited to philosophy. The remaining departments gradually followed suit, although with ­considerable delay, e.g. Law in 1919 and Roman Catholic Theology in 1946.




All thanks go the Vienna University Library for all their help & Caught a Ghost for the friggin awesome music

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