tanja reither profile on gendered gaming
"Girls are under ten times more pressure than guys. Sometimes I feel like we’re just reduced to our looks and not really seen for our gaming skills.” Tanja Reither’s mother used to worry about her. A divorced parent of a millennial, she couldn’...
karl schlag at his desk
Economics Professor, University of Vienna In an unpredictable world, you need strategies that do not rely on being able to predict others. In this way, different people with different objectives can live together better.” Karl Schlag is not a b...
A symbol for peace that needs to work on its visibility. More support from the Austrian government would also be a help.
building by night next to water
Those of us who reside in another member state live more “European” lives than anyone. Yet we feel disenfranchised.
In an increasingly gamified world, it matters who controls your character.
The genre is experiencing a global renaissance – and Vienna's analog gamers have never had more opportunity to find a place at the table.