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Dear Metropolitans,

Thank you! Over the past several weeks, you’ve let us know what Metropole means as a news organization with so many comments, shares, likes, reactions and questions. Metropole’s website traffic has increased tenfold, as our coverage of coronavirus related news became the major English-language news source in Austria. If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that you do more than just appreciate our work – you’ve shown us that you need it. For this we thank you very much and continue to work hard every day to keep you informed, connected and entertained.

That being said, the majority of the media industry is experiencing another kind of crisis: Advertising revenue has dropped massively and financial aid from the state is not directed to local media like us, but to the big tabloids and daily newspapers. Metropole is a product of the independent publishing house Home Town Media, which – like many other small businesses in Austria – is currently struggling to survive.

Now we turn to you, our loyal readers and subscribers, with the request to #helpushelpyou. Let’s make sure this international city can keep its independent international voice in media. Your support will make all the difference!

Thank you and stay safe,
Benjamin Wolf
COO & Managing Editor

Metropole's team