These are the Brands to Know In March 2018

Dress well and do good: Being an urban fashionista has never been this sustainable.


Paul McCartney’s daughter has decided that her label should be part of the solution, not the problem. Founded in 2001, McCartney keeps challenging the brand to come up with sustainable materials each season, following her guidelines of no leather, fur or feathers. You’ll find everything here, from color changing swim-wear for kids to boho faux leather jackets or evening wear. In addition, McCartney has also been partnering with Adidas on a regular basis – think sportswear with a dash of fancy.


sustainable brands
© Rêve en Vert

This luxury fashion platform represents over 40 brands, but each must follow specific guidelines: Organic and local production, recycling, fair wages – you name it. The online shop’s founders are commited to “better the world through the medium of fashion and lifestyle,” offering everything you need for a sustainable luxury lifestyle, ranging from active to casual and evening wear. A young eco-fashion blogger’s dream!


sustainable brands
© Ecoalf

When founder Javier Goyeneche launched Ecoalf in 2009, he wanted to prove that we don’t need to further deplete our planet’s resources for textile production. Ecoalf uses only recycled materials (most notably, waste salvaged from the ocean) to create high-quality fashion. The clothes – designed from plastic bottles, fishing nets or leftover cotton – look great and you can even check which material each individual product line was made from on their website. If you’re looking for sustainable casual and outdoor wear, this is it.

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