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3 Ways to Swear Like a Real Wiener

Entire books have been written about the ingenious ways the Viennese swear, rant, yammer and nag. And we know how to help you get acquainted with the high art of Viennese swearing.

4 Museums in Vienna You Can Get in for Free

Austria takes pride in its museums. While some only open their doors “gratis” on certain days, others even go so far as never charging.

Klimt Portrait Passes the Test

The famed Austrian painter’s recently recovered “Portrait of a Woman” is confirmed as the one stolen from an Italian museum over two decades ago.

Apprenticed Asylum Seekers Can Stay

A new law ends the practice of deporting asylum seekers in formal training for jobs in Austria

Austrian Education | PISA study shows that “Nachhilfe” is needed

Austria again ranks below the OECD average in the newest PISA study.

English Cinema Vienna | Our Top 5 Picks

English Cinema Vienna | Getting tired of wanting to go to the movies, only to discover that you still don’t speak German? We got you covered.

The Long Road Home

A century after the end of the Habsburg Empire, and 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Vienna has finally resumed its role as the hub of Central and Eastern Europe

Toilets of Vienna | A Flush of Relief

Where else can you answer the call of nature in facilities under Denkmalschütz (historic preservation protection)?

Central European University (CEU) – U.S. Degree in Vienna

Austria's newest premier ...