Keeping Children Safe in the Pandemic

Most young people, infants to teenagers, fully recover from COVID-19, but not all. And even without symptoms, they can spread it to others. A cautionary tale.
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Growing Up Hungarian in Vienna

Since the launch of the Hungarian-German bilingual elementary school in 2019, Viennese parents can give their children an authentic 'magyar' learning experience.

Education Minister Bans “Original Play”

At this club, adults play with children in kindergartens and schools on mats on the floor. Experts see this as an invitation for pedophiles and child abuse.

Maria Theresia Is to Blame

In September, over 220,000 Viennese students went back to school. Some go willingly, some have to be dragged, but Austrian parents have a stock response to unwilling schoolgoers: Blame Maria Theresa

Russian Terms of Endearment and Funny Slovenian

The role of the German-speaking parent in the development of a child’s other language Ever since I started working on multilingual upbringing with par...

Rollercoaster – Running Sushi Goes Theme Park

The wacky restaurant Rollercoaster throws your food for a loop There’s a sudden silence hanging above the train for a few brief moments as passenger...