Will Vienna’s Clubs Survive the Coronavirus Lockdown?

COVID-19 has brought Vienna’s nightlife to a screeching halt, with clubs unsure of when they can reopen - and how to survive until then.
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Fighting Flight Shame? The ÖBB Nightjet’s 28 Destinations Take You all over Europe While you Sleep

Flight Shame getting to you? The ÖBB Nightjet offers low-impact alternative routes to several major European cities – or did so before the corona lockdown. A nightly trip to Milan on the eve of the coronavirus crises.

The MA 35 & Vienna’s City Administration in the Time of Corona

The MA 35 still operates, but remotely. And Vienna’s Mayor issued an urgent plea to the Viennese to not overwhelm the city’s administration at exactly this time.

New Rules for Cyclists in Vienna

New rules for cyclists have been in force since April 1st as a result of the 30th amendment to Austria’s Road Traffic Regulations (StVO)Riding you...

Lost in the City

We live in a city of stories. Each time you turn a corner, you become part of the history of the place. Even if you know your home town inside out, it...

Is Vienna Smart?

Define smartIt’s hard to grumble in Vienna. Public transportation runs on time, a woman can safely walk home at night, the cycling paths make se...

Urban gardening in Vienna

Metropole’s tips and tricks to the aspiring urban gardenerBetween the big city bustle of busy pavements, tiny dogs, chic cafés, trotting horses ...