5 Movies and Series to Stream in Austria This Winter

As fall rolls in, the days get shorter and temperatures drop, new shows beckon us back to our couch, with an edgy drama, a journey to the edge of sanity, a teenage sleuth, an expedition to the red planet and the visual coronation of a queen coming to a WiFi router near you!
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Phrases to Impress Your Polish Friends

While, for many, the easiest way to the heart is through the stomach, with Poles, it’s through their native language. They don’t expect anybody to speak it, so just sprinkle in a Polish word here and there and you’ll win them over in no time.

Alice Urbach’s Stolen Cookbook

The bestseller by a society caterer and celebrity chef in interwar Vienna was aryanized, her name erased from history. Now, a century later, her granddaughter reveals her story.

Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt Is a Portrait of Vienna’s Jewish Life

Lush and ultimately shattering, Leopoldstadt is a loving portrait of Jewish life in early 20th century Vienna, and a heartfelt embrace of Stoppard’s own immigrant story.

Coronavirus | Rescuing Culture

A total government support package of €38 billion will help businesses ride out the Coronavirus crisis. How much will go to cultural organizations and artists is still a matter of tricky negotiations.

Opening the Castle Gates

With high culture such an integral part of the Austrian identity, there are few positions as coveted and prestigious as director of Vienna’s B...

Must-See Art Events This Month

Take a closer look at Claude Monet's impressive collections at the Albertina, and celebrate up-and-coming local and international art at the Vienna De...

Rethinking Nationalism

At the root of Europe’s malaise is a philosophical paradox over what it means to be human. On a summer afternoon in 1991 soon after the collapse ...

The Florida Project Starts Showing March 16

Indie favorite Sean Baker looks at life on the seedy fringes of Disney World through the eyes of a child. Fresh off reaping praise for his 2015 fil...

Is Music Composed Before 1961 old?

The Klangforum’s Festliche Tage Alter Musik – with works composed between 1908 and 1961 – show us how old (and beautiful) modern music really ...

Detergent, Knackwurst and Socialism

The Waschsalon in the historic Karl Marx-Hof shows how the Social Democrats shaped Vienna. The museum Das Rote Wien im Waschsalon (Red Vienna at ...

Viennale – the New, the Old and the Remade

The international film festival beckons with new films from celebrated auteurs, international gems, intriguing documentaries and Christopher Walken. ...

Foreign Gods at Leopold Museum

The Leopold Museum unveils a fine collection of tribal art Serving as inspiration from the turn of the last century onward, African and Oceanic art...