Musical Chairs for UK-EU Expats – Grab a Seat Before the Music Stops

As the Brexit negotiations drag on, there is still no final clarity on the future of British citizens living in Europe. It is likely to be reciprocal – whatever that means. With Boris, who knows?

Ewald Nowotny on the EU Post-Pandemic

The pandemic could be the making of the EU, says the former ÖNB governor. On coronabonds,” the “frugal four” and the clever Mrs. Merkel.

The EU Turns on the Tap | But Will It Be Enough?

Sweeping away economic orthodoxy, the European Union is releasing €1,300 billion – 10% of GDP – into the economy; now, says Austrian economist Kurt Bayer, it needs to start relieving debt. Fast.

The Ukrainian Stand-Off | Inaction Enforced at the Point of a Gun

Vienna based OSCE is charged with monitoring the ongoing conflict between government troops and Russian-backed separatist militias in the Eastern Ukraine: Coronavirus does not make the task easier.

Taking the Train

Taking the train for the summer holidays is becoming trendy again – and Austrian cities are again serving as international hubs, just as in times gone by.

The Choice for Europe

Amid foreign efforts to undermine Western democracy, decisive questions increasingly can only be addressed in Brussels.So here we are, at press ti...

The Choice for Europe Ⓜ️

So here we are, at press time, with Austria’s governing coalition deservedly in tatters. After the release of a fatally compromising video the far-right vice chancellor H.C. Strache has been shown the door.

Delirious Albion – the UK’s Dizzying Brexit Choices

Nearly three years after the referendum vote to leave the European Union, British policymakers have only just begun to acknowledge the stark choices d...

Risk & Reward

After 1989, Austrian companies were among the first to invest in Europe’s “Wild East.” But in assessing political risk, they have to up their game. T...

A Nation on the Move

Placed firmly on the fault lines of Europe, Ukraine looks both East and West. Yet, what Ukrainians fight for is nothing less than their future.A...

Rethinking Nationalism

At the root of Europe’s malaise is a philosophical paradox over what it means to be human.On a summer afternoon in 1991 soon after the collapse ...

The Sebastian Kurz Show

They love him or they hate him: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is more notorious across Europe than most of his predecessors. Now he is taking ove...

How to Save Europe

In my youth, a small band of visionaries led by Jean Monnet transformed the European Coal and Steel Community first into the European Common Market an...

Texting Europe | Pavol Múdry on the State of Slovakian Journalism

Two journalists, both first-hand witnesses of Slovakia’s transition from a place through the looking glass to a country at the heart of the European p...

Hey Austria, if you’re Hungary, Czech This out!

A tour of the flavors Vienna has borrowed from across Central Europe Austrians love eating well, and while Wiener Küche (Viennese cuisine) is famous ...

The State of the Union – Post-Brexit Europe

The Brexit vote has shaken the Europe’s political foundations. Will the project begin to unravel, or is this a new start for the Continent?They ...

From Rags to Tovariches

Amid all the EU’s troubles over refugees, Schengen and the common currency, it’s easy to forget that in one regard, the Union has been extremely succe...