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What “Rule of Law” Means Since the EU Budget Summit

On the surface, the EU budget summit smoothed over the friction between Brussels and the bloc’s problem children. Deeper down, the rift may be growing.
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Musical Chairs for UK-EU Expats – Grab a Seat Before the Music Stops

As the Brexit negotiations drag on, there is still no final clarity on the future of British citizens living in Europe. It is likely to be reciprocal – whatever that means. With Boris, who knows?

Ewald Nowotny on the EU Post-Pandemic

The pandemic could be the making of the EU, says the former ÖNB governor. On coronabonds,” the “frugal four” and the clever Mrs. Merkel.

Mother of Mayhem

The political chaos in London as the government and the House of Commons struggle to find a solution to Brexit has exposed serious flaws in the once-a...

Keeping Watch of Fundamental Rights

How an EU agency in Vienna urges us all to be vigilantAs citizens of the European Union, we often take our rights for granted. For us, it has be...

Finishing the Job in the Western Balkans

Western Balkan countries have made significant progress since the 1990s, when ethnic violence tore the region apart. But that progress is fragile with...