Fall 2021 | Prost!

In our 44th issue we take a look at how drinking culture keeps shaping Vienna and Austria. We focus on the producers and purveyors in the city, the state of the industry and becoming a sommelier.

Summer 2021 | Let’s Talk!

In our 43rd issue we take a look at how language shapes who we are and how we are together. We focus on multilingualism, learning German and political correctness.

Fall Issue 2019

Fall 2019 | City Planning Masterpiece

The issue City Planning Masterpiece uncovers “the secrects of a city that works” and what Viennese architects, politicians and urban planners do to make this city smart. Flip through the digital version

December 2019-January 2018 Issue

Dec 2018/Jan 2019 | Being Austrian

How tradition endures and our cultural heritage defines usdiscover Austria’s traditions and heritage: the local culture is more than just Mozart, Schnitzel and Lederhosen! Flip through the digital version