Commerzialbank – A Tale of Criminal Generosity and Incompetent Oversight

A financial pillar of Burgenland had been running on fictional business for years. The inevitable came in August, as the fraudster confessed. Now, auditors and authorities are busy pointing fingers.

Profits, Politics, Patronage

More revenues, more products and more gambling addicts. With the state reaping both taxes and profits, laws mostly protect operators, not consumers. 

AUA Heist in Tirana

A well-organized caper at the airport of the Albanian capital raises questions of Austria’s possible role in international money laundering. For th...

Equal Pay Day in Austria

It's 2019 and the Gender Pay Gap is still here. This year, the difference between  men and women's salaries when fully employed is 15,6 percent.  W...

What Money Can’t buy

Luxury retail is the lifeblood of the city center, but can Vienna manage to sustain its tradition of local craftsmanship with the demands of internati...