Before Sunrise: Celebrating 25 Years of Vienna’s Iconic Film

Shot in just 25 days in the summer of 1994, Richard Linklater’ s disarming look at flirtation, friendship and conversation opened the 1995 Sundance Film Festival, leading to two sequels and a creative partnership.

7 Contagious Movies to Watch During Self-Quarantine

Global contagion has long inspired cinema, making it second only to nuclear Armageddon as a premise for post-apocalyptic dystopias! As you grumble about toilet paper shortages at your local Billa, take comfort that at the very least, things aren’t quite so bad as these silver screen nightmares.

Kinodämmerung Bellaria | Twilight of the Movie Houses

Vienna’s temple of movie nostalgia, the legendary Bellaria cinema, has gone dark. Energetic rescue attempts are going on behind the screen, but a happy end is not yet in sight.

Viennale – the New, the Old and the Remade

The international film festival beckons with new films from celebrated auteurs, international gems, intriguing documentaries and Christopher Walken. ...

Musical Marco Polo

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma leads once distant cultures joyously in consort in The Music of StrangersAs the screen goes black, the cacophony of instruments t...

Southside with You

Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date, as told by HollywoodWith the outgoing first couple’s allure still sky high, this retelling of the Obamas’ ...

Slash Film Festival

Straight from the lunatic fringe of cinema, 40 films in search of braaaaaiiiinsProviding fresh meat for fans of unconventional and weird movies, t...