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Risk & Reward

After 1989, Austrian companies were among the first to invest in Europe’s “Wild East.” But in assessing political risk, they have to up their game. The strategy had seemed foolproof. When Austrian capital flooded the former Eastern Bloc after 1989, one of the main products offered by the banks were loans denominated in foreign currency […]
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Industry Next Door

Like the trams and trains produced by Siemens, manufacturing is still part of Vienna. Glowing sparks arc through the air as massive cranes transport ...

From Slaughterhouse to Lighthouse

Biomedical research in Vienna is revealing the secrets of life, as two research institutes make breakthroughs in cancer treatment. The announcement c...

Buy me a Forest

It’s not easy to buy woodlands in Austria. You need passion, roots in the local area and many millions. Cord Prinzhorn, the chief executive officer o...