What Europe Can Learn From Joe Biden’s Victory

There are lessons we can draw from Biden's election that can help the European Union better deal with far-right populism.
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Church and State – No Prayers Please, We’re Austrian

An invitation to a prayer breakfast in the Parlament managed to offend almost everyone, Christians and secularists alike. It also raised the specter of a far darker time.

Is Liberalism Dying? A Look at What Went Wrong After 1989

“The Light that Failed: A Reckoning” by IWM fellow Ivan Krastev and NYU professor Stephen Holmes explains what went wrong with Western liberalism.

Vienna’s IAEA Is in a Dangerous Standoff to Defend the Iran Nuclear Deal

During an adventurous raid, Israel stole vital intelligence information in Iran that now could help the US build the case for terminating the Iran nuclear deal once and for all.

Election Fever in Vienna

As the city prepares to go to the polls, the streets are plastered with party propaganda posters. Michael Ludwig will almost certainly remain mayor, but his potential partners are pitching for a piece of power.

Protests in Belarus, Support in Vienna

Lies about COVID-19, unprovoked police violence and suspected fraud in the presidential election have brought 200,000 to the streets of Minsk demanding a new election. A Belarusian student at the Uni Wien stays involved from abroad.

Hungarian Theater Is Threatened

The autonomy of the internationally renowned Hungarian University of Theater and Film Arts is undermined by a government-controlled restructuring.

One Woman Army | Tanner’s Mission Impossible

Klaudia Tanner is fighting a losing battle to maintain a credible military on a shrinking budget. She has some good ideas, but her communications have met a disastrous defeat.

Emergency Power Binge | Will Kurz Be Able to Kick the Habit?

The Corona crisis justified a package of extraordinary measures that limit basic freedoms. Watchdogs are worried that the government may be reluctant to give up these powers as the pandemic recedes.

Party Manifestos | What the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) Wants for Austria

The 46-page SPÖ manifesto focuses on health, work, education, infrastructure and protecting the climate – but also contains some bold policy proposals.

Party Manifestos | What the Liberal Party (NEOS) Wants for Austria

the party’s 80-pages manifesto focuses on protecting the climate and sustainability, alongside long-term NEOS topics such as education, a pension reform and more transparency for parties and state authorities.

Party Manifestos | What the Green Party Wants for Austria

Led into the 2019 elections by long-time politician Werner Kogler, the fight against climate change and for sustainability takes center stage in the Green party manifesto.

Party Manifestos | What the Liste JETZT Wants for Austria

The list led by former Green MP Peter Pilz seems unlikely to make it into parliament this time. The central idea of the Liste JETZT is better control of the government.

Party Manifestos | What the Small Parties Want for Austria

Seven smaller parties are also running in the 2019 parliamentary elections, but only two – Wandel and the KPÖ – made it onto the national ballot.

Party Manifestos | What the Liberal Party (NEOS) Wants for Austria

the party’s 80-pages manifesto focuses on protecting the climate and sustainability, alongside long-term NEOS topics such as education, a pension reform and more transparency for parties and state authorities.

#Schreddergate – Kurz‘ Social Media Manager Secretly Destroys Hard Drives

Shortly after the Ibiza video was published, an employee of the former Kurz-cabinet shredded several hard disks under a false name at a digital security firm.

The Choice for Europe

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Kurz No Longer Chancellor, Government Dismissed

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Female Opposition Mushrooms Against Pilz

Liste Pilz founder Peter Pilz has finally taken his seat in parliament after initially declining it in the wake of sexual harassment allegations again...

Austria Charms and Courts Putin

When Russian President Vladimir Putin touched down in Vienna with a 30-minute delay on Tuesday, the military guard of honor stood ready, waiting in th...

Expat’s Voice: Hipster Politics and the Reds Up in Arms

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Brexit | A Lose-Lose in the Year to Come

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How to Get Involved in Politics in Austria

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Austrian Democracy | The Consensus Machine

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The Education of Viktor Orban

In "Orban: Europe's New Strongman" Paul Lendvai tracks the ambition of the increasingly authoritarian Hungarian prime minister. In politics, symbol...

#Reichenhetze | When Harrassing the Rich Meets Daily Racism

“How are you doing today?” the paramedic asks with a smile, as the ambulance hurtles towards the hospital. “I’m not talking to a Neger (negro),” the p...

Opinion | The Empty Promises of Sebastian Kurz

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Opinion | Kurz the Boy Wonder

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Eyewitness: Kurz Takes Over the OSCE

As chairmanship revolves to Austria, we listened to what Foreign Minister Kurz sees as the biggest challenges I arrived unreasonably early on a c...

Deadlines for Austrians Voting Abroad

The redo of the Austrian Presidential Elections is taking place on the 4th of December. Here’s what you need to know about voting if you’re living abr...

WIN-WIN-WIN!!! Election History Quiz

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Just (Hold Your Nose And) Do It!

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Beautiful Minds

If our education decides our future, what happens to upward mobility and equal opportunity? A democracy depends on citizens knowing what they are v...

5 Things You Need to Know to Vote in the U.S. Elections

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From Rags to Tovariches

Amid all the EU’s troubles over refugees, Schengen and the common currency, it’s easy to forget that in one regard, the Union has been extremely succe...