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Star Designer Thomas Kirchgrabner Spills the Secrets of His and Lena Hoschek’s Success

The head of Lena Hoschek’s couture atelier, designer Thomas Kirchgrabner describes demanding clientele, recounts his rise in Austria’s fashion scene and how he met his boss.
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Families – Dreaming of Life After Corona

So there she was, on a Tuesday morning of what we now call the Corona Era, gazing at the walls of the little “water closet” decorated in Viennese style.

On Improv and Music | An Interview with Actor Dennis Kozeluh

Veteran actor Dennis Kozeluh on improvisation and musical entertainment. “I didn’t think I’d spend my life on stage, but I have!”, Dennis Kozel...

Underrated Martha Jungwirth Will Surprise You at the Albertina

The renowned Austrian artist Martha Jungwirth garners some late fame. Pointedly setting spots of paint, blurred surfaces and strong colors, Aus...

Photography Icon Man Ray is Coming Vienna! Check Him out at the Kunstforum

A glimpse beyond the iconic artist’s photographs. One of Dadaism and Surrealism’s most recognizable artists, Man Ray became a household name as...

Detergent, Knackwurst and Socialism

The Waschsalon in the historic Karl Marx-Hof shows how the Social Democrats shaped Vienna. The museum Das Rote Wien im Waschsalon (Red Vienna at ...