Why the Vienna Techno Ball Should Be on Your Ball Calendar This Year

The City of Vienna prides itself in being out of the ordinary – “Wien ist anders” promise the posters from the Vienna Tourism Board.

But if “Vienna is different”, the Vienna Techno Ball is really different – mixing the costumes of Carnival and the drubbing of DJs, with the “I’ll try anything” spirit of Cabaret. For one thing, there’ the dress code, that welcomes everything from ball gowns and white tie to futuristic fantasies of spandex and spangles, where the guests become part of the show on an evening beyond all reasonable definitions. Here no one is eager to make the rules.

Highlights of this year’s evening embrace the beauties of ball traditional to the masters of modernism, from classical ballet to performance art, experimental concepts and light shows.The music spans centuries and idioms, in a vivid mélange of time and milieu that weave together in an atmosphere of energy and surprise.

Which is just what the promoters intended: “The colorful pallet is not just in the music, but also in the audience,” say organizers Nicolas and Bernadette Hellezgruber, putting on their ball this year for the ninth season. On three floors of the Ottakringer Brauerei, events center around the Rote Festsaal, the Red Festival Hall, with a Grand Opening along with a special performance of Masters of Dirt, the daredevils of two-wheeled wizardry.
As the evening evolves, guests can lose themselves in the lighting designs of a Visual World, and dine in an imagined future while the rhythms of Deep House drive the light installation pulsing around them. And in the popular “Raiffeisen Lucky Lounge” Ball Casino, guests at the roulette table place their bets on the red or the black, while the One Armed Bandit rings in the winners nearby.

Alles Techno: The Vienna Techno Ball
Saturday, March 10 2018 at the Ottakringer Brauerei
Tickets are €39 per person, and €59 for VIPs. For more information, visit the home page of the Wiener Techno Ball.

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