On a beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon, a steady stream of young people filed into the Gartenbaukino. What would make these determined folks forego a leisurely day at the nearby Stadtpark in favor of a dimly lit arthouse cinema?

The draw was a rather unusual TEDx event organized by TEDx Vienna: no local tech and thought leaders were invited to speak, but instead international speakers shared their insights on the power of science and technology via an exclusive live broadcast from the legendary TED2018 conference in Vancouver.

TEDx Vienna
The event’s theme, “The Age of Amazement”, aims to shift our attention away from the maddening political shifts happening every day, and point out the very real news that’s disappeared from our collective radar: the “truly jaw-dropping demonstrations of tech power [that] are emerging almost every day.”

It appears as if there’s now a bigger demand for amazement in Vienna. Eight years ago, when Vlad Gozman founded the local TEDx organization, only 20 guests showed up for the inaugural event at Impact Hub. At the Gartenbaukino event, hundreds of attendees got a first glimpse at an ambitious TEDx event coming to Vienna: “Simplexity” – an annual TEDx conference happening right here on October 20th.

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