Get Ready for TEDx On The Edge!

TEDx On The Edge will feature talks on solving pressing global issues and stories of living on the edge. They have invited a variety of speakers from scientists to designers, artists and entertainers to the Vienna stage

Because humanity is experiencing scientific and technological progress now more than ever, parts of society, groups and even nations have been driven to the edge of their environments.

Talks at TEDxVienna’s On The Edge will highlight advances and breakthroughs in fields like gene editing and computer sciences that could potentially take on challenges like climate change and inequality. Mixed with personal stories of living on the edge with guests like futurist philosopher Anders Sandberg, journalist and filmmaker Asha Siad, Vsauce producer and writer Jake Roper the day will be informative and inspiring.

If you haven’t gotten tickets, because it’s already sold out, don’t worry. You can check out where to watch the live stream right here!

Oct 21, Volkstheater,

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