Terrorist Attack in Vienna – Latest Updates

An Islamist terrorist attack took place in Vienna's inner city, with 4 civilians and 1 assailant confirmed dead and 17 injured. Arrests and interrogations are underway.

The perpetrator from Vienna was supposedly at a deradicalization session on the Thursday prior to the attack. On Thursday, November 5th, Justice Minister Alma Zadić told Zeit im Bild that Austria needs tighter surveillance, no matter the cost (ZIB).

You can watch Minister Zadić here on ZIB: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHNMpy8iWgj/.

On Wednesday, November 4th, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer admitted that a warning from the Slovakian Police about the perpetrator’s attempt to buy ammunition for a Kalashnikov assault rifle was not followed up on (EURACTIV.de).

The perpetrator, 20-year old F. was born in Austria, with parents originating from North Macedonia. He was sentenced to prison in April 2019 for attempting to travel through Turkey to Syria to join Islamic State. He was released after serving eight months in Austrian prison, due to time served in person in Turkey.

Press Conference by Interior Minister Nehammer, admitting that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counterterrorism (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung – BVT) knew about risk potential of the assailant.

If any individuals have information about the terrorist attack, the Vienna Police Department requests you send it to the following hotline:


[email protected]

Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen: “Hate can never be as strong as our society in peace, in democracy, in tolerance and in love.”

The Director of Education Heinrich Himmer has announced on Twitter earlier today that the schools in Vienna will reopen on Wednesday.

“Islamic State” claims responsibility for the Vienna attack, Der Standard reports. The unsubstantiated declaration, posted by the group’s “Nashir News”, also contained a picture of a man, saying that he perpetrated the attack in the Inner City on Monday. Austria’s Ministry of the Interior has stated that it is currently assessing the validity of the statement.

Latest updates from Vienna’s Police Department.

“Vienna is one of a kind. We instantly received messages of solidarity from countries around the world”, Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig.

Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig

In a press conference at 14:30pm, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer confirmed that 22 people were injured in the terrorist attack. One police officer who was injured and operated on, survived and is in stable condition. “No terrorist attack will succeed in dividing society,” he stated.

At 13:30, it was confirmed that one suspect was arrested in Linz, according to an ORF correspondent.

Yesterday evening, to young Viennese men, Recep Tayyip Gültekin and Mikail Özen, helped save a police officer who was under fire.

90% of stores in downtown Vienna have closed today, November 3d.

In a press conference at 10:30am, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz states there is “no tolerance for intolerance” and that these attempts to divide society will not succeed as we defend peace and security in Austria.

The perpetrator’s identity is slowly becoming public. He was previously sentenced to 22 months in April 2019 because he attempted to go to Syria to join the Islamic State, but was too young to fulfil the sentence.

At at least 4 civilians are dead and 17 injured – 7 of whom are in life threatening condition – due to the Islamist terrorist attack in Vienna’s inner city. The assailant was also killed, by police. The assailant was armed with a long rifle. It is not yet confirmed how many perpetrators there are (Der Standard).

In a 6:00am press conference with Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, it was confirmed that the assailant is an Islamic State (IS) sympathizer, but his name or age is not yet confirmed.

“We experienced an Islamist attack, an attack on our values…Terror and violence have no place in our society” – Karl Nehammer.

The General Director of the police stated that they are searching the assailants and others’ homes, and there have been arrests. Throughout the night, the police received over 20,000 videos from eye witnesses and are currently reviewing the footage.

For people in Vienna: you are urged to stay at home when possible and avoid the first district.

You may keep your children at home.

The next official statement by the Interior Ministry will take place at 06:00 in the morning.

After an awful night in our beautiful city, here is a glimpse of Vienna’s unbroken spirit: For those people who were asked to wait and shelter inside the State Opera during ongoing operations in the Inner Districts, the Vienna Philharmonics started to play an encore.

No attack will ever stop the music in Vienna.

01:09 Interior Minister Karl Nehammer gave a press conference in the night, confirming that several people were wounded and one civilian was killed. One terrorist was killed, at least on attacker is still at large.

The minister called on all Viennese to:

  1. Stay at home.
  2. Not go to the inner districts of the city.
  3. And leave their children at home if they want – attendance tomorrow will not be compulsory.

The interior minister said: “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

The Viennese police announced that several hundred police forces and special units are deployed all throughout the city, controls at Austria’s borders have been tightened.

While the attacks were ongoing, the police informed the population in several of the most-spoken languages in Vienna.

In Viennese hospitals, 15 wounded passersby are currently being treated, 7 of which are seriously injured.

00:14 The killed perpetrator was allegedly wearing an explosive belt, and the bomb squad is now on location, according to ORF correspondent. The belt was found to be a fake.

23:52 Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in a statement says that Austria was victim of a terrorist attack, and thanks the emergency services for risking their lives.

23:40 It is confirmed that the 6 crime scenes are the Graben, Salzgries, Morzinplatz, Bauernmarkt, Seitenstättengasse and Fleischmarkt. If you have related information, please send to this government website, and please not post to social media: UPLOAD.BMI.GV.AT

23:22 Minister of Interior Karl Nehammer urges people to stay home, avoid public spaces and if in restaurants or pubs to remain inside. The perpetrators are heavily armed and it is not yet confirmed if they are still active in Vienna or neighboring regions.

23:00pm Military (Jagdkomando) is being deployed in Vienna (source: ZIB).

22:41 15 people are being treated in the hospital.

22:33 Vienna Police Press Spokesperson confirms that one person has been killed, there are 6 crimes scenes where shots were fired in Vienna and many injured. According to President of Jewish Community of Vienna, Oskar Deutsch, there is no confirmed association with synagogue in attack.

22:19 Vienna’s first responders confirm that there are more than one wounded, but not confirmed if more than one dead (source: ORF).

22:11 One perpetrator is dead and one perpetrator is in custody.

21:52 Vienna public transportation is not stopping at stations in Vienna’s first district.

21:50 Interior Minister, Karl Nehammer, cannot confirm the number of perpetrators there are and requests everyone to stay home.

21:24 More than one casualty has been confirmed and the attack is ongoing.

21:20 First district on lockdown after shots were fired near Schwedenplatz at Seitenstettengasse.

The situation is unfolding and no motive or details are confirmed. The police are asking people in Vienna to not share videos on social media and to stay inside.

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