The Dark Tower

Stephen King’s post apocalyptic octalogy, abridged by Hollywood

With its eight installments selling millions, it was only a matter of time until prolific writer Stephen King’s The Dark Tower would be singled out for the big screen. Featuring two of King’s most iconic characters, his magnum opus retells the battle between Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the last member of an order of paladins called the Gunslingers and “The Man in Black” Walter O’Dim (Matthew McConaughey): Seeking revenge for past transgressions, Deschain is hot on the trail of the sorcerer O’Dim, who is trying to destroy the titular Dark Tower, a transdimensional hub in the Universe’s epicenter by using the psychic powers of abducted children. Joined by Jake, a young psychic from our world, Deschain races to foil his nemesis and preserve reality as we know it.

While the excellent special effects evoke the dreamlike quality of King’s epic, the narrative is heavily condensed and appropriated at face value, leaving just who the mysterious Crimson Lord is a matter of conjecture for those unfamiliar with the novels. Planning for sequels or a television series may have been the better choice. Fans of the books may prefer to stay away, but The Dark Tower certainly delivers over 90 minutes of decent escapism, making it one of this year’s more effective summer blockbusters.

Opens August 9, Haydn; August 18, Burg; August 24, Artis

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