We asked one of the founders of the flea market app Shpock, Armin Strbac, whether he thinks the trend of people transacting with each other is driven by the customers or by products like Shpock.

Dear Metropole,

Trends have always been initiated and propelled by people. Good products are also oriented towards the needs at the heart of those trends.

In our case, consumer behavior in society is changing and Shpock simplifies the sale and purchase for smartphone users of things that are no longer needed.

In addition, the smartphone boom supports the trend: We want to quickly and simply discover nice things anywhere, at any time. At the same time, the question of sustainability has become increasingly important.

Particularly for the generation below 35, things don’t always have to be new, if the used items are in good shape and less expensive. The 10 million Shpock users are the best example for a clear change in thinking in society.

Armin Strbac


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