The Metropole Manifesto

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Why waste your time living like a stranger?

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Some call it globalization, some call it the international workforce, some, simply nomadic lifestyle. Moving around the world can be stressful but it can also become a superpower. METROPOLE aims to make settling in a breeze for the millions of people that change their country of residence every year. 

They are the bold ones. They saw a better life in a distant country, be it for love, for a better job, better healthcare, or perhaps a better place for their kids to grow up. They didn’t just take the hand they were dealt. They took a leap of faith and at Metropole we believe that kind of courage deserves to be rewarded.  

With METROPOLE we’ve created a home away from home, a place where being new, being different, being outside the norm IS the norm. Locals join to be surrounded and inspired by the excitement and fresh outlook of being a Metropolitan. 

Creating the media of the future means more than telling stories, it means looking at what we already know with fresh eyes. Both sharing the stories but also providing the support and background people need to live in a world without borders. 

If you agree, join the urban community for globally minded people.