The World’s Most Livable Vacation

Japan is not only home to countless cultural treasures, it has also figured out the secret to an excellent quality of life for both its citizens and millions of visitors from all over the world. It's time to pay this fascinating place a visit, and All Nippon Airways is making it easier than ever.

When you live in the world’s most livable city, it’s hard to go elsewhere and not make unfavorable comparisons. On a recent trip to Paris, even the beautiful tin rooftops, charming street cafés and overall flair couldn’t stop my frustration with its crowded, slow-moving buses, chlorinated water and insane prices everywhere. Has living in Vienna oversensitized me to minor annoyances? Will I ever be able to take another vacation and not utter the words, “That would never happen back home?”

The answer, it seems, is yes, absolutely – you just have to know where to go. While Vienna might be the most livable city in the world, it’s certainly not the only one. As luck would have it, you can now visit another high-ranking city thanks to a new direct flight from All Nippon Airways, and it just so happens to be this year’s top travel destination – Tokyo, Japan.

If someone asked you to name cities similar to Vienna, Tokyo probably wouldn’t be your first (or even fifth) answer, but the two are more alike than you’d think. Though far more densely populated than Vienna, Tokyo can also be divided into dozens of town-sized neighborhoods, not unlike our iconic districts and grätzls. Both cities are very bike-friendly and famous for advanced public transport networks: Much like Vienna, many trains and bus lines run every four minutes and can take you pretty much anywhere.

One thing we’re very proud of in Vienna is the many green areas and overall cleanliness, which Tokyo is equally well known for. But the comparisons don’t stop there – the crime rate in both cities is very low, making them very safe places to live or visit. Much like Vienna, Tokyo has both a rich history with many traditional sights and a lot of growth and innovation, making for a culturally diverse experience. To top it off, both have exceptional educational institutions and offer outstanding medical care.

As similar as they might be, however, Tokyo has certain unique factors that make it an unmistakably Japanese experience you can’t duplicate anywhere in the world. Where else can you feed otters and hedgehogs while you’re having coffee, order ice cream that resembles a pig, see dogs pushed around in strollers or visit an entire museum dedicated to parasites (ever seen a tapeworm in the flesh?) This one-of-a-kind place has a lot of tricks up its sleeve; you may still say, “This would never happen back home,” but in the very best of ways.

Of course, we remain firmly committed to our city of Vienna, which has earned its reputation for a reason. But while you enjoy living in the world’s most livable city, you might want to experience the world’s best travel destination! As a member of the METROPOLE community, you’re in luck – we are giving away a direct flight to Tokyo for two via All Nippon Airways at our Special Event “A Livable City” on October 31, 2019. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here, but hurry, there are only a handful of tickets left!

We hope to see you there. As always, 見知らぬ人にならないでください.

Philipp Rossmann
Philipp Rossmann
Philipp Josef Rossmann is Head of Sales and a columnist at METROPOLE who is is known for his loud style, loud shoes and loud cries for coffee. He moved to Vienna in pursuit of a more metropolitan life after finishing a Master's in English and American Studies in Graz, Austria.

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