On Wednesdays, DJs, art and Booze Intersect at the Albertina

Every Wednesday night, culture vultures stream to Albert & Tina to enjoy an after-work event merging art, drinks and music.

The hypnotic beat of house music lures tourists from their picture-perfect photo ops and up the grand staircase, joining the after-work crowd congregating on the ramparts of the Albertina. The party’s in full swing, the bastion fit to burst; the equestrian statue of Archduke Albrecht juts out like a lone island in a sea of well-dressed 20- and 30-somethings. Drinks in hand, they chat, flirt, gossip and laugh the evening away as a DJ spins a swirling beat. A towering, golden Adonis stands bobbing his head, with a sweater slung ever so carelessly over his white polo shirt like a ­latter-day toga.

© Richard Luerzer

It’s just business as usual at Albert & Tina, a weekly party for “art lovers and friends.” On Wednesday nights throughout the summer (as the weather allows), the Albertina becomes the place to see and be seen for young professionals seemingly stuck in ­Vienna while everyone else is on vacation.
Bridging the gap between culture and an after-work club, it is certainly a heavy hitter when it comes to the social calendar: Renowned DJs come from across Europe to liven up sultry evenings. For this summer’s inaugural event, local DJ Joyce Muniz spun the records, playing Latin-­infused electronica to a thirsty crowd. This quick stopover was not part of her tour, and so Albert & Tina insiders had a rare treat.

Show Me the Monet

The pictures of a rabbit in black satin gloves and pearls that are plastered all over the terrace deserve an explanation: The organizers are looking to celebrate femininity this year. To that end, they have ­given Dürer’s iconic Young Hare a makeover à la Holly Golightly to create the official symbol of the event. They are also featuring at least one female DJ each week, and will even screen animated shorts by female filmmakers in conjucture with the Tricky Women film festival on Jul 19 & 26.
Entry is free, with drinks on offer for reasonable prices (€5.50 white spritzer; €4.50 sider); while Albert & Tina lacks a food menu, you can visit the museum till 21:00, with a free tour of the Monet to Picasso ­exhibit between 19:00 and 20:00.
Worried about what to wear? Don’t be. Everything goes at this party, from a little black dress to a Hawaiian shirt and straw trilby with cargo shorts. A little girl skipped across the flagstones as I walked up to one of the bars; her family had just finished their tour and immediately got in on the scene.

© Richard Luerzer

An extravagant mix of smooth tunes, summer spritzers, designer dresses and some of the best art in the city makes for a unique evening that takes full advantage of its spectacular location overlooking the opera. And while dancing would defy the laws of physics – no two objects can occupy the same space simultaneously – you can certainly awkwardly dance-walk from one of the bars to the deck chairs overlooking the Burggarten further along the terrace to watch the sunset. The fun ends at 23:00, but there’s an afterparty at the nearby Volksgarten Pavillon; whether you’re visiting, minding the office or just plain bored, Albert & Tina are the perfect pairing – like gin and tonic.

Wednesdays through Sep 6, 18:00-23:00, Albertina


Jennifer Cornick
Jennifer Cornick is a contributor to METROPOLE and avid reader. When she isn't writing, she can be found in Vienna's English bookstores.

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