Vestibül’s Chef Welcomes Asparagus Season with a Mouthwatering Recipe

For nearly a decade, Christian Domschitz has brought his culinary passion to the Vestibül.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” remarks Michelin-starred chef Christian Domschitz with a smile. Born in Vienna, he felt himself drawn back to his hometown after a career of high-level cooking in France and Switzerland, returning in 1986 for notable stints at the likes of Toni Mörwald’s Ambassador and the Schwarzes Kameel. Since 2009, he’s nestled into the very heart of the city: the Vestibül, the restaurant he runs with his wife Veronika Doppler, can be found behind the curvy bas-reliefs of the Burgtheater, overlooking the Rathaus as red trams pass by.

Sitting in the embrace of the hallowed walls of Austria’s most prestigious theater, he admits the new venture has had its challenges. For one thing, dinner guests often drop in during intermissions, hoping to eat and run to their seats before the next curtain. So perfect teamwork is essential, something that Vestibül’s staff has down go a “T”. Satisfying his guests and making them feel at home, Domschitz says, are what he likes most about his job.

Full of enthusiasm, the chef lights up when he talks about food. Domschitz believes cooking is a mixture of Kunst and craftsmanship. “Of course, we create art on the plates every day,” he explains, but the craftsman-ship is what makes it happen.

His Spargel (asparagus) cordon bleu, developed 18 years ago, lies very close to his heart, and gave a visitor from Metropole a preseason sample. “As the first rays of sun appear, people start asking me, ‘When will we have asparagus, Mr. Domschitz?’ ” he smiles. Dom-schitz passionately loves every dish he cooks. And maybe that is the key.

Cordon Bleu from Marchfeld Asparagus

Serves 4

Vestibül Christian Domschitz
© Mascha Verkooijen


·8 large white asparagus (preferably from the Marchfeld, the less flaws, the better)

·16 thin slices of smoked pork neck

·750 ml water

·Asparagus peels and trimmings

·3 tablespoons sugar

·the juice of 1 lemon

·2 tablespoons butter

·100 g flour (coarse)

·100 g white breadcrumbs

·2 eggs

·200 g clarified butter

·6 peeled eggs (cooked for 6 min)

·1 bunch of chives

·olive oil, salt and pepper


Peel the asparagus and blanche for four minutes in asparagus stock (boil water, asparagus peels and trimmings, sugar and lemon juice and butter in a pot). Let the asparagus cool, cut each asparagus through twice, the first cut 5 cm below its head and the second 1 cm above the end. Weave the pork neck into the cuts and press well. Put the flour and breadcrumbs each in their own flat bowl, whisk the eggs with a fork and add to third flat bowl. Bread asparagus by dipping first into the flour, then the egg and finally the breadcrumbs. Then pan fry in the clarified butter until golden. Drain on a paper towel.


Put boiled, peeled eggs in a small bowl, mash with a fork and mix with olive oil. Add salt to taste and decorate with the chives.

Tip: Use the thinner parts of the chives to decorate the dish.


Cut asparagus obliquely with a sharp knife, place one half near the egg sauce. Sprinkle with chives.

VESTIBÜL, 1., Universitätsring 2, (01) 532 49 99, Mon-Fri 11:00-0:00, Sat 18:00-0:00,


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Anastasia Gromontova
Anastasia is Ukrainian, studying Mass Media and Communication Science with a focus on print journalism in the University of Vienna. She is a freelance journalist who loves running her blog and writing children books in the spare time.

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