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Vienna’s Rents are Some of the Most Affordable in the EU

A recent study shows how much space $1,500 per month will get you in the world’s best cities

In a recent study, the online renting platform Rent Café declared Vienna the third most affordable city in the EU and the seventh in the World.

Last year, they examined how much space you can rent in the 30 most “magnetic” cities around the world for $ 1,500 per month, drawing contenders from the Global Power City Index of the Mori Memorial’s Foundation’s Institute for Urban Foundation. On that ranking Vienna places 10th in magnetism for its perfect combination of very high levels in the categories economy, research and development, cultural interaction, livability, environment and accessibility.

In this graphic you can easily see the cost of living space in many different cities, from 1,899 sq.ft. (176 m2) in Instanbul, to 277 sq.ft. (26 m2) in Manhattan.

Obviously, not all cities have the same average incomes, living standards and attractions. But, where you settle down can make a huge difference in career opportunities, disposable income and quality of life.

In San Francisco, one of the most coveted cities in the U.S, you can get a 316 sq. ft. (29 m2) studio for $1,500, but the same amount would get you triple the living space (1,009 sq. ft. or 94 m2) in an Altbau flat in Vienna.

Thus, the capital of Austria seems poised as the perfect city to build a career, offering an attractive balance of opportunities, living space, free time and recreational venues. After all, life isn’t work alone: enjoying a Wg-party (apartment party) with your friends until sunrise, attending the opera, a ball or simply relaxing on your sofa on a lazy Sunday (when all the shops are closed) are important intangibles.

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How Much Space Does $1,500 Rent You in the 30 Most Magnetic Cities in the World? by Estera Racatean of October 2, 2017 on Rent Café Blog

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