Metropole caters to the interests and needs of English-speaking expat communities. Here are our curated recommendations for what you won’t want to miss in Vienna this Week (August 29 – September 5, 2017).


Well there’s wine, and then there’s chocolate. Go nuts! But really, as the legendary Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa once said “There’s no metaphysics quite like chocolate” – and there’s no better counterpart than wine.

Through 3.9, 12:00 Traktorfabrik


Fado is traditional Portuguese folk music. Expressive and profoundly melancholic, it’s said to be the musical expression of the Portuguese people.
The singer performing this evening also shares the last name of aforementioned legendary Portuguese author, Pessoa.



© Carolina Pessoa

This band is an instrumental collective founded by drummer Alexander Yannilas. The group improvises blending traditional acoustic instruments with modern electronic sounds and over three evenings the group will appear first as quartet, then trio and finally a duo.

(Through 3.9) 19:00, Porgy & Bess



© Motherdrum

A circus extraordinaire for all ages set to take place in the open air, though with all the certainty of a wildly mutable summer it may not in fact come to fruition. If it does, you can expect a DJ lineup from Superlimonada and great food from Pastrami Baby. Entrance is free for anyone under 12 and €5 for everyone else.

15:00-23:00, Creau



This London-based group picks from the palette of Station to Station Bowie, or Talking Heads’ Remain in Light. Thuds of synthesised bass, driving gated drums and moments of Nile Rogers-like tight funk guitar riffs around wails and croons reminiscent of Byrne, Bowie or Bryan Ferry. It’s bold and humorous and bubbling with musical talent.

19:00, Chelsea


© Artificial Pleasure [UK]

What is in the world that is older than the world?

Since 2006, artists Guillermo Faivovich and Nicolás Goldberg have been researching Campo del Cielo, a group of iron meteorites discovered in Argentina thought to have struck the earth 4-5000 years ago. Here the pair share their findings with an emphasis on the cultural impact of the meteorites and a movement performance from Alex Bailey to coincide with the spoken presentation.


© Guillermo Faivovich and Nicolás Goldberg


29.8 Turbo Kid

Gory action-adventure Turbo Kid is an homage to 80s pop culture and video games. Set in a post-apocalyptic 1997, orphaned teenager “The Kid” has to draw inspiration from his comic-book hero to rescue the girl of his dreams.

20:00, Arena


© Sébastien Raymond

This week’s program of films is based around the development of cities, and how, even as cities are forced to expand and provide ever more room for growing populations, many sites are left unused and desolate.
Sava Buildering sees Parcour runners move through unused spaces in Belgrade, creating from desolation.
The March of the White Elephants looks at corruption in football. In particular the FIFA world cup championships that see millions spent on stadium projects used often for just the four week duration of the competition and subsequently disregarded, draining city funds and vital space for housing.


Sava Buildering © Ulrich A. Reiterer

Cat Video Festival honours its fifth birthday acknowledging the wasted hours devoted to watching the peculiar creatures doing amusing things by collating and celebrating it here. To curate the festivities they’ve invited Will Braden, organiser of CatVideoFest US and director of the hugely popular video series, Henri: le Chat Noir.



This feel-good comedy stars Bill Murray as Vincent, a grump, drunk and layabout and now neighbour to new resident and single mother Maggie, who due to her busy work schedule finds herself having to call on Vincent for help sitting her 10 year-old son. Vincent takes the opportunity to impart some of his important life lessons.

20:00, (Volxkino) Marco-Polo-Platz


© The Weinstein Company / Chernin Entertainment

This oscar-nominated documentary by Raoul Peck is about the life of intellectual and civil rights activist, James Baldwin and based on the manuscript for his unfinished novel, Remember This House.

21:00, Augarten

UNITED STATES – JUNE 01: Author James Baldwin (Photo by Ted Thai/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

Jim Jarmusch’s 2014 film stars Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as vampires reunited in a centuries’ old love affair to reflect on the turn of humanity. Worth it alone for Jarmusch’s characteristically superb soundtrack, this time from Jozef van Wissem and Yasmine Hamdan.

20:00, Der Garten

© Sony Pictures Classics


Since New Year’s Day 2017 until the day of the opening of this exhibition, photographer’s Nadja Gusenbauer und Eric Berger have travelled over 60,000 km capturing anything and everything that interests them.
Follow this link to register

17:00, Galerie LIK


© Nadja Gusenbauer und Eric Berger

Curator Jeanette Pacher walks through the exhibition of Philadelphia-based artist, Alex Da Corte. The exhibition named after a Belle & Sebastian song of the same name is made up of sculptures, paintings, immersive installations and film, including a shot-for-shot remake of The Perfect Human from Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth. Music for the film was composed by Blood Orange/Lightspeed Champion and Test Icicles frontman Dev Hynes.

17:00, Secession



© Alex Da Corte

2.9 Hermesvilla Tour


As part of Vienna Expats’ Culture Saturdays, there’s a tour of the grand house that sits in the former imperial hunting grounds. The palace that was a gift from Emperor Franz Josef I to his wife, Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) he nicknamed the ‘castle of dreams’.

16:00-18:00, Hermesvilla

© Wien Museum

We live on the edge of disaster and imagine we are in a musical is the title of an ongoing series of photographic works by Amalie Atkins. The photographer has explored the space between reality and fiction on the sets of historical films. Wundermärchen is Atkins’ attempt to connect the folklore of her ancestor’s past with her present.

Wundermärchen © Amelie Atkins

One hundred years’ worth of erotic images are gathered and displayed in this exhibition for you to see how your ancestors got their kicks.

15:00-18:00, Milaneum



Fashion designers, jewellers, artists and chefs are all brought together here with their creations for sale in on of the largest fairs of its kind in central Europe.

11:00, MQ


The food festival continues, allowing you to enjoy over 80 of the best restaurants at reduced prices.

Through 3.9, Various locations

The two day workshop lead by artist Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro looks at street art in Vienna and, through the use of augmented reality and photo editing, allows you to relocate the artworks throughout the city. It is based on an experiment conceived by the artist in the exhibition Welt Kompakt? – which continues to be on display at Q21 until 3.9

15:00-18:00, Q21


© Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro

Going strong for 71 years, Vienna’s favourite alternative summer festival is a left wing jamboree featuring music, food and discussion groups. Red star and beret optional.

Also 3.9, Jesuitenwiese


© VSF Maracatu Minimal /

The bar Hawidere is managed by brewer and certified sommelier, Dominique Schilk who, together with craft beer aficionado Adalbert Windisch formed “Collabs Brewery”. The concept is that the group works from no fixed address, choosing instead to travel and collaborate with other brewers. On this evening they will be unveiling their ‘Plum-ish’ Vienna lager, created alongside leading Dutch brewery, De Molen. To celebrate, De Molen is bringing a number of their own beers to taste on tap.

21:00, Hawidere




A chance to explore the tastes of southern India as World Supermarket Prosi’s Indian Restaurant serves up 20 different vegetarian tastes traditional to Kerala.

From 12:00, Also 2.9 Prosi Indian Restaurant