Metropole caters to the interests and needs of English-speaking expat communities. Here are our curated recommendations for upcoming events this week (May 3 – May 9, 2017).




May 6: Route 28


Route 28 is happening on May 6th! This isn’t just a highway out of the American East Coast. It’s an idea uniting Europe in the middle of Vienna.  Choose one of seven different routes that allow you to explore different countries in Europe, all in one afternoon. Register here for your chance to take part in this absolutely free macro micro-adventure.


MuseumsQuartier, 13:00–21:00.





Through May 6: ART


Yasmina Reza’s award-winning popular comedy about three friends, music on the nature of friendship and the eternal question of what, exactly, constitutes “art.” Starring David Wurawa, Dave Moskin and David Rodriguez-Yanez.


Brick 5, 20:00




May 5: Shen Yun


Shen Yun’s classic Chinese legends performed through acrobatic dance and music, delight audiences with large-scale choreography inspired by classical Chinese dance. Accompanied by their own orchestra and solo performers, each show consists of roughly 20 different scenes performed with elaborate costumes in front of high-resolution digital backgrounds.

Read a preview in our April issue.

Burgtheater, 19:30. Also May 6, 14:30 & 19:30.



May 8: Who’s Afraid of the Jewish Mother?


Remaining upbeat in the face of hardship, cruelty and prejudice is a tough act; South ­African born Jenny Simanowitz, however, does just that in her latest one-woman show, not only laughing in the face of life’s inhumanities but composing songs about it.

Read our preview in the April issue of Metropole

 Café Korb, 20:00.


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May 3: Chilly Gonzales


Canadian musician Chilly Gonzales has about as diverse a CV as you can get. His wikipedia page lists him as ‘singer, rapper, producer, songwriter, actor, screenwriter.’ See him employ a couple of the arrows in his quiver in this gig which showcases his piano playing skills (he is classically trained) together with his irreverent comic timing.

Konzerthaus, 19:30


May 7: Jojo Mayer’s Nerve


Jojo Mayer’s otherworldly percussion skills leads a band of reflexive musicians on a manifold tour of different musical genres. As the Porgy website quite succinctly puts it:
“NERVE sounds like electronic music, but it’s not. It doesn’t sound like jazz or rock, but it is.”

Perhaps it has to be seen – and heard – to be believed.

Porgy & Bess, 20:30


May 9: Vienna Improvisers Orchestra


©Vienna Improvisers Orchestra

Watch sound metamorphose before your eyes, as Michael Fischer’s acclaimed orchestra picks a cavalier path through the silence.

Brut, 20:00







May 5: Get Out


A black photographer visits the mysterious estate of his white girlfriend’s parents, in this debut comedy horror film courtesy of Jordan Peele.


Starts May 5, Gartenbau, Burg



May 5: A Monster Calls


This dark fantasy drama, directed by J.A. Bayona, tells the story of Conor (Lewis MacDougall), who when dealing with school bullies and his mother’s terminal illness finds help at hand in the unlikely form of a tree monster (voiced by Liam Neeson), who visits him every night. Also starring Sigourney Weaver and Felicity Jones.

Starts May 5 , Haydn


Also this week: May 5: Free Lunch Society – Director Christian Tod travels around the globe, mulling over whether an unconditional basic income could benefit society. Original version with English subs.

May 5, Burg






May 6: Martin Beck: Rumors and Murmurs

Through Sep 3

A comprehensive solo exhibition showcasing the diverse artistic output of Martin Beck. The artist, who splits his time between New York and Vienna, is primarily concerned with themes of showing, memory, collectivity, and the idea of creating and finding images. The exhibition features just about every kind of medium imaginable – from photos, to sculptures, to drawings and installations – including many made especially for this show.


MuMoK, Mon 14:00–19:00; Tues–Sun 10:00–19:00; Thurs 10:00–21:00



Exhibitions ending this week:


Signe Pierce – Solo Exhibition

Extended: Through May 5

©signepierce- last chance to take a look into the lurid world of this very modern artist, whose works – dealing with issues of identity perception, modern love and feminized marketing techniques – use reality itself as a medium.

Galerie HalgandWed – Fr 12.00 – 18.00, Sat 11.00 – 15.00


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May 3: Bike Flea Market


Now the weather is (finally) changing for the better, perhaps it’s finally time to invest in a dependable bicycle to get you from A to B. Or perhaps you have a bike to sell? Either way, a large selection of reasonably priced two-wheeled steeds awaits you at this monthly flea market.

WUK Courtyard, 15:00–18:00.


May 5: Neubaugasse Flea Market

Also May 6

The whole of the usually busy Neubaugasse is cordoned off for this semiannual flea market in the heart of the trendy 7th district. Offering handmade wares, delicious street food and a boho, party atmosphere.


May 5: Craft Beer Fest

Also May 6

The hoppy institution returns to showcase producers Czechia like Raven Brewery, Lucky Bastard and Pivochroust. The idea is simple: Receive your complimentary festival glass, then wander from stand to stand exchanging tokens (bought at the entrance) for 0,1l fills of diverse beers. Street food is on hand to soak up all excess booze in the brewery of your gut.


Marx Halle, 15:00–23:00


May 5: Indian Spring


Award-winning Indian author Ardashir Vakil takes time off from lecturing creative writing in London to give a free reading of his short story Impromptu. After a Q&A there will be the chance to enjoy a few drinks and network with other expat writers.

Also taking place is a writing workshop with the author on the following days, May 6 & 7. See website  for availability, details and cost.

Café Korb, 21:00.


May 6: Pilates Try-Out Day


As part of International Pilates Day, a number of studios in Vienna are offering a free try-out day. This is an excellent opportunity for those with posture or back problems, or those that want to try out a new activity, to dip their toe without financial constraint.

There will be the option to donate money on the day, with proceeds helping to enable those less fortunate to attend similar events throughout Austria.

Studios taking part in the International Pilates Day in Vienna include Pilates System Europe, Core Pilates Studio, and Pilates Akademie Wien.

Registration required.



May 6: AIS International Food Festival


The American International School throws open its doors to celebrate the diverse heritage of its pupils and staff with an international food festival, with tasty treats on offer from all over the globe.

Entry is free!

AIS, 18:00–21:30





May 8: The Gay Science and the Death of God


A trip to the IWM Library is always worth a visit, as diverse scholars descend on Vienna to give a variety of interesting talks on the broadest imaginable range of topics. This time around Alex Soros calls on the pantheon of German litero-philosophers, tracing a line from Heine’s irreverence to Nietzsche’s nihilism in the face of godhead.
IWM Library, 16:00–17:30