What Austrian Media Wrote About in February 2017

A quick-and-dirty synopsis of last month’s headlines in Vienna

Most of Business Founded in Vienna

In 2016 nearly 40,000 companies were founded in Austria, just under 9,000 in Vienna alone, which constitutes a slight increase compared to 2015. Women founded 61% of the new businesses. This amount of newly founded companies translates into roughly 60,000 additional jobs.

Need to know: The founding of about 40,000 new companies created 60,000 new jobs in Austria.

When it happened: 2016

Who it affects: People working or looking for jobs in Austria.

What others said: “We’re very happy about the fact that there has been positive growth. That shows us that we’re moving in the right direction. Still, there is a long path ahead if we want to sustain and expand Vienna and Austria’s role as an internationally attractive business location in the long term.”
Jürgen Tarbauer, Chairman of the Junge Wirtschaft Wien.

Pühringer Leaves Office

After Lower Austria’s governor Erwin Pröll revealed that he will step down in January; now Josef Pühringer has announced his retirement. He leaves office after 22 years as Upper Austria’s leader and looks back on a political career spanning 44 years. There have been speculations about a change at the top of Upper Austria’s government for months as Vice Governor Thomas Stelzer was already considered Pröll’s successor. Now Stelzer will follow in Pröll’s footsteps on April 6, 2017.

Need to know: Upper Austria’s Governer Josef Pühringer is retiring after a quarter of a century. Thomas Stelzer is his successor. Pühringer’s and Pröll’s resignations have heated up the debate about current mayor Michael Häupl’s successor.

When it happened: March 9, 2017

Who it affects: Upper Austria, the Austrian federal government, all those doing business with Upper Austria. “In Linz beginnts…” (Everything starts in Linz)

What others said: “He doesn’t need to be afraid,” Pühringer reassured his successor, about his plans not to interfere after he’s retired.

Austria’s Population Rises to 8.77 Million

Currently, there are 8,773,686 people living in Austria, which represents an increase of 0.84% (in numbers 73,215) compared to the beginning of 2016. General population growth decreased, however, from the rate in 2015 (a 1.35% decrease). The capital accounts for 38% of last year’s growth; the population of Vienna increased by 1.52%.
Non-Austrians made up 15.3% of the country’s 2016 population; half of those hailed from EU countries. The largest numbers came from citizens of Afghanistan (plus 9,666), Romania (plus 9,146) und Syria (plus 8,324). Among EU members, Hungarians and Germans took the lead with 7,126 and 5,197 newcomers respectively.

Need to know: 8,773,686 people are currently living in Austria. Vienna is now home to 27,734 new people.

When it happened: 2016

Who is affects: All people living in Austria, or intersted in censuses.

What he said: “Aha.”

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1 in 8 Employees Drink too Much

According to a recent report of ­absenteeism conducted by the Economic Research Institute 13% of male and 7% of female employees in Austria drink to much alcohol, even on the job. It’s three large beers or one bottle of wine for men and about half that for women per day. The Institute of Advanced Studies calculated that this costs the taxpayer €738 million, including medical expenses, social benefits and productivity losses.

Need to know: According to experts, Austria is on its way to recovery. But don’t hesitate to speak to a friend or colleague if you feel they are affected.

When it happened: Apparently, all the time.

Who it affects: People with drinking problems, their surroundings, the economy.

What others said: “Prost, Mahlzeit”

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