Have you ever wondered what Vienna’s police officers are up to all day (and night) long? Well, you’re in luck! On the weekend of September 29-30, the Vienna Police Department (LDP Wien) treated the Viennese to a live-tweet marathon of all police operations in the city. Here are some of their best tweets under the hashtag #24h133:

The music they are playing in a café in Donaustadt is too loud. Neighbors are not amused. Our suggestion: Turn the place into a silent café or pay a visit to the ear doctor.

A caller is troubled by unfamiliar people accommodating themselves in his apartment. The colleagues in #Neubau are on their way and will see if the gentlemen confused the apartment with a guesthouse. #24h133

In #Döbling, you can’t see an intersection due to a portable toilet. A toilet made of glass would help in this case. We’ll have a look. #24h133

In #Meidling, there has been another unintended chrome-deformation-event. Car vs car. Luckily, nobody was injured. Ludwig 5 takes care of the official proceedings in situ. #24h133

Someone is apparently a big fan of nudism. A naked man is running up and down a stairwell in #Josefstadt. #feelfree #24h133

This is one of the two social media teams treating us to these Twitter pearls.

And here’s a handy overview of all the tweets (in German) and the 563 operations the Viennese police handled that weekend.

Let’s just hope that the police officers on the spot had as much Schmäh and good-heartedness as their colleagues on the keyboards!