Take a Walk on the Wine Side

The Wiener Weinwandertag makes it easy to get to know Vienna’s vintners on their own turf

If there is a day that sums up autumn in Vienna, the Wiener Weinwandertag (Vienna Wine Hiking Day) is it. Equal parts wine appreciation and a brisk outing in the countryside, it shows off some of the most delectable highlights of the only European capital where wine is cultivated within city limits, and where beautiful walking tours are just a tram ride away.

As we sat in the No. 26 tram on the way out to Strebersdorf, the beginning of last year’s adventure, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect: Was I about to embark on a sophisticated bar crawl under the guise of getting some fresh air? Or a hike with winetasting breaks? Or perhaps some combination of the two?

Stepping down from the tram, we were greeted by our first vineyard, with adjacent stands providing free maps and friendly directions for the newcomers. With a whole day ahead of us, we strolled on toward the next station, hoping the sun would eventually break through the clouds. There, we opted for fresh Most (grape juice from which wine is made). After all, it was only 11:00 in the morning. For 2016, Metropole’s wine recommendation list (see below) starts out right away at Weingut Schilling with a Rheinriesling from 2015.

on the vine
With vineyards within city limits, Vienna’s public transport can take you straight to the source.

Cuvée the hard way

The three routes on the tour are all quite accessible for casual hikers and wine lovers. All you
really need is a sturdy pair of sneakers, one of the maps provided at the starting point, and a backpack for any bottles you plan to buy. To keep you on track for the entire distance,  sustenance is available for sale at almost every stop – there’s bread with Liptauer spread, sausages, and a Brettljause (a meat and cheese plate).

We stopped for lunch at Magdalenenhof on Bisamberg, and with a refreshing Weisser Spritzer in hand, plotted the rest of our journey back to civilization. For families, the stop on Bisamberg is perfect for kids, who will love the small menagerie of farm animals. This route has some of the best views of Vienna from the far side of the Danube. And with that first Riesling, all your urban cares slip away.

At the end of our journey, we tucked into a fulsome dinner at a traditional Heuriger at the H.P. Göbel vineyard, accompanied by their classic Wiener Gemischter Satz. As the sun was setting, we slowly walked to the No. 31 tram through the last vineyards admiring the classic Austrian “village” architecture, astonished that despite the rural charm, we had never left the city.

Plan Your Day

Oct 1 & 2, 9:00 – 18:00

The Wiener Weinwandertag

offers three different routes:

Neustift to Nussdorf (10,8 km);

Within Ottakring, starting at Wilhelminenberg (2,4 km)

Between Strebersdorf and Stammersdorf (11,7km):

Weingut Schilling,
Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 

Rheinriesling, 2015

21., Langenzersdorferstr. 54

(01) 2924189

Heuriger Helm,
Zweigelt, 2011

21.,Stammersdorferstr. 121 

(01) 292 12 44

Weingut Wieninger,
Pinot Noir, 2013

21., Stammersdorferstr. 31

(01) 290 10 12

For sustenance:

Berggasthof Magdalenenhof,

21., Senderstr. 127, (01) 29203 95, 

Weinbau Göbel,

21., Stammersdorfer Kellerg. 131, (01) 294 84 20

For the wine list, many thanks to Dipl.Ing. Prof. Manfred Winkler.

Catherine M. Hooker
Catherine M. Hooker was Head of Communications at Metropole from 2015 to 2018. She holds a MA in international relations and also contributes photography to Metropole.Photo: Visual Hub

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