Putin visits Orban

Putin & the Wolf | An Interview with the Kreml Boss

Ahead of his state visit to Austria on June 5, the first since his reelection, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave ORF news anchorman Armin Wolf an exclusive interview.

Over 52 minutes, the exchange tackled a wide array of topics, from Crimea to Syria, North Korea, the US elections and Russia’s relations with Europe – including hard-hitting questions and some tense moments. Today, with the publishing of the English transcript, the interview is making waves internationally.

Here, you can watch excerpts from the ORF interview featuring additional analysis and a making of (as well as chapter points so you can skip straight to the hardest-hitting questions) as well as the complete one-on-one interview.

After the transcript’s release, commentators quickly took to Twitter to congratulate Armin Wolf for his “forensic questioning” and “impressive and informed pushback.”


Of course, given the Russian president’s combative nature, some pushback was to be expected:


Some even called it possibly “the toughest interview” the Russian president has had to endure.


The Austrian TV presenter also didn’t shy away from asking the question that’s been on the mind of anyone who has ever seen Putin posing shirtless for the cameras.


There’s even a mock-up cover commemorating the momentous interview!





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