Where to Get a COVID-19 Test in Vienna

There are many possibilities to get tested for the coronavirus in Vienna. The city offers free rapid antigen and PCR tests, pharmacies and labs offer paid tests.

by Daniel El-Sabeh & Benjamin Wolf

Getting tested before meeting people is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and protecting ourselves and others from a coronavirus infection. There are many places and options to get a COVID-19 test in Vienna before you meet family, friends or colleagues, most of them free and easily reachable.

We created a map for you with an overview of all the options.

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Test Types

  • In PCR (RNA) tests, which are reliable in over 99% of cases, the genetic material of the virus is detected. A less invasive variant of PCR testing is offered through the “gargling test” developed in Vienna, which foresees gargling with a special saline solution for about one minute.
  • In rapid antigen tests, protein fragments of the sample provide the result within 10-15 minutes. Samples are taken with mouth or nose swabs. If your results negative and the test has been conducted correctly, it is practically certain that you don’t have the virus. If you test positive, you should follow up with a PCR test to confirm the result, as you may also be infected with another, more harmless type of CoV.
  • An antibody test, also known as a serology test, is a blood test that helps determine if you have already had a virus or disease such as COVID-19. While the test cannot detect if you are currently infected, it can detect the presence of antibodies.

The test offer in the city was further expanded. There are now:

For the free city offers, you need to register on coronavirus.wien.gv.at

Vienna’s Cold “Check Boxes

Vienna’s so-called cold “check boxes” are mobile containers with a general practitioner (GP).

  • Registration is required. Appointments are to be made a maximum of 3 days in advance to avoid waiting times for patients. If you do not have internet access, to make an appointment online, you can do so by calling the telephone number 1450.
  • Bringing your E-Card or insurance card with you is mandatory.
  • The checkboxes are open daily from 07:00 to 19:00.

Cold “Check Box” Locations:

All patients are tested free of charge for a possible COVID-19 infection with rapid antigen tests before treatments. If the test is negative, they can be treated by a doctor directly in the container surgery. If the test is positive, necessary measures will be arranged right away.

Test Streets

There are 6 testing locations in Vienna where you can get tested for free if you are a resident of Vienna. Test roads are also open during lockdown. Visiting a test street is not affected by the stay-at home orders because it counts toward meeting basic necessities.

  • Since Dec. 18, registration online, or by phone via 1450 is mandatory for rapid antigen tests. Family registrations are also possible.
  • You need to bring:
    • a mouth/nose protection (mask)
    • Photo ID
    • e-Card
    • the QR code received during registration (on smartphone or printed out).
    • For the PCR testing sites at the Stadtion & Donauinsel: Registration form of the main residence in Vienna (Meldezettel) or a proof of employment in Vienna (service card, or letter from the employer),
  • In contrast to the summer and fall, the walk-in stations are now moved indoors to prevent visitors from having to queue in the cold.
  • You can either drive through the test centre by car or walk through.
  • Only people who live or work in Vienna can come to the PCR test centers.
  • The test streets are open during the holidays.

Test Street Locations

For the PCR gargling tests, you can either register online or also come by spontaneously. Note that big numbers of people are expected around the holidays. Fewer people tend to come with the car, often making this the faster option.

You can register online in advance or complete your registration on site. The registration is necessary to send you the test results. Gargling tests are conducted here.

You can register online in advance or complete your registration on site. The registration is necessary to send you the test results. Gargling tests are conducted here.

  • For people with no symptoms:

You can register online in advance or complete your registration on site. The registration is necessary to send you the test results. Gargling tests are conducted here.

  • For people who’ve had contact to an infected person but show no symptoms and travel returnees:
    • Drive-through test center (Teststraße) Ernst-Happel-Stadion

You can register online in advance or complete your registration on site. The registration is necessary to send you the test results. Gargling tests are conducted here.

If symptomatic please come by car. Without symptoms, one may also appear on foot, registration is necessary. If you feel too sick to drive, home visits after making an appointment, via calling telephone number 1450, will continue. Gargling tests are conducted here.

Persons with symptoms and persons with limited mobility can drive their cars through four test lanes in the underground parking garage (drive-in). Online registration is required in advance. Rapid antigen tests via nasal swab are executed here.

For persons without symptoms, 3 test streets for pedestrians (walk-in) are available. Arrival by public transport (U1 – station Kaisermühlen) is possible.

You will receive a test result within 15 minutes. In case of a negative result you will receive a written confirmation, additionally you will receive an SMS. In case of a positive result, the test person will be isolated immediately and a PCR test will be performed by medical staff.

In addition, specialized pharmacies are allowed to perform rapid antigen tests for symptom-free people.

Stay safe, stay healthy and get tested!

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Current Status

If you live in Vienna, make sure to register for getting a vaccine against COVID-19 under impfservice.wien.  Here you can book your vaccination appointment.

The City of Vienna offers free vaccinations without an appointment to everyone – regardless of citizenship or insurance status – at multiple locations across the city. 

Vienna has reinstated a number of coronavirus restrictions for the fall. The Austrian government has presented a plan for schools and universities.  

Here’s an overview of where you can get tested for COVID-19 in Vienna and how the free PCR “gargle” tests at home work. 

If everything is a bit much for you or you experience domestic violence of any kind, here is our mental health resource article.


For current coronavirus numbers, check the website of Ministry of Health and the AGES dashboard.

The Austrian Ministry of Health also publishes daily vaccination statistics and a preview of scheduled deliveries.


The City of Vienna has compiled comprehensive information on questions and answers regarding coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease in English.

The Austrian Ministry of Health has put together FAQs on the coronavirus and also provides material to download on how to protect yourself and others from the disease, also in English.

Furthermore, the ministry will constantly update its German-language website with information on the number of people tested and cases of COVID-19 in Austria.


Health advice by telephone1450

If you show symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties) or fear that you are ill, stay at home and dial health number 1450 for further procedures (diagnostic clarification).

Coronavirus hotline AGES+43 0800 555 621

The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) answers questions about the coronavirus (general information on transmission, symptoms, prevention) 24 hours a day at +43 0800 555 621.

VKI hotline for travel law questions+43 0800 201 211

For legal questions concerning trips that have already been booked (e.g. whether a trip can be cancelled free of charge), the experts of the Association for Consumer Information (VKI) provide advice free of charge from Monday to Sunday between 09:00 and 15:00 at +43 0800 201 211.