Get Ready for Wiener Schmucktage!

We took five minutes with Wiener Schmucktage co-creator Christina Werner to discuss the six-day event which celebrates and promotes Austrian and international jewelers in Vienna. Take part in tours, workshops and lectures about the latest developments in the jewelry world.

Why did you Veronika Schwarzinger decide to create Wiener Schmucktage?

In 2014, I learned about the Nacht der Schmuckkunst, Night of Jewelry Art, an event which focused on showcasing contemporary Austrian Jewelry. Veronika Schwarzinger had been organizing this since its first edition in 2008. I was interested in the topic and had a background in PR and marketing in areas like contemporary art, architecture, design and fashion – so I thought I could bring something new to the table – so I approached her and suggested further developing the concept. Our goal with Wiener Schmucktage, Vienna Jewelry Days, is to get people interested in and wearing jewelry. The program that we created with these goals in mind, appeals to the intellect, emotions, and sensuality of our visitors.

What can first-time visitors expect from the Wiener Schmucktage?

First and foremost, an informative event on contemporary jewel crafting – ranging from author jewelry to object jewelry, upcycling and recycling, 3D, kinetic and horn jewelry as well as traditionally forged- gold and silver jewelry collections. First time visitors will also discover very diverse program: At SCHMUCK.NACHT over 150 international and Austrian creators will showcase their works in themed group and solo exhibitions in 28 different locations in the city. We’ll also offer themed guided tours with experts on contemporary jewelry with SICH.SCHMÜCKEN, workshops for beginners and advanced jewelers called SCHMUCK.FÜHLEN and SCHMUCK.DISKURSIV, a series of discussions on the challenges of contemporary jewel crafting.

What makes Austrian jewelry special in your opinion?

The amount of different approaches in crafting and designing which results in exciting and unusual pieces and the large amount of new and talented contemporary jewel crafters in Austria, many of whom will be presenting at Wiener Schmucktage. Established Austrian jewelers must also be included here who have been influencing contemporary jewel crafting for decades. Such as Peter Skubic, who is known as a jewel crafting provocateur since the 60s, author jeweler Fritz Maierhofer, who began combining silver and acrylic in the 70s and Sven Boltenstein, a sculptor and goldsmith whose vision of jewelry is internationally known.

The Wiener Schmucktage run from November 7th through the 12th at various locations around Vienna.

This post was published in partnership with the Wiener Schmucktage.

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