#WienStehtAuf – Why the online community is mocking Sebastian Kurz

What time do you normally get up? Austrian’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz recently made some controversial comments amid the ongoing discussion on welfare reform, drawing ire for the following sentence: “I don’t consider it a healthy development, when fewer and fewer people wake up early to work, and in more and more families, only the children wake up early to go to school.” He was referring to the number of unemployed people in Vienna, which is very high compared to other cities in Austria.

Kurz’s statement caused a lot of blowback online. Many were offended by this generalization and began posting tweets and other social media about waking up early. They used the hashtag #WienStehtAuf which translates to #ViennaGetsUp. Many of the responses were humorous, others more on the serious side.

So here are some of the best ones using the hashtag #WienStehtAuf:

Bundeskanzler Kurz continues with his disgraceful attacks against Vienna. But the Viennese will not put up with it! #viennagetsup

Dear Government, go ahead and stay in bed in the morning! Better to do nothing, than what you are doing. Sincerely Yours, Your Employer #viennagetsup


Our infographic shows the water consumption in the city on a regular morning. Are you one of the early risers? #viennagetsup

I got up at 6:20, but the cat (no education, no Job, mooches off me) is still sleeping. Oida. #viennagetsup

Our chauffeur is driving the kids to school, the maid is already here. Now I am going back to bed to dream about where I am going to go on vacation with my unemployment benefits/welfare money. #viennagetsup

Good Morning. I just woke up. My partner as well. #viennagetsup

Good Morning! I’ve been working 25 hours, took care of 40-50 patients and did 4 operations. Now it’s time to go home to take care of my two year old son. #viennagetsup
(This tweet is a reply to an old tweet by Sebastian Kurz which says : Slept long, quickly went to vote. Then I will be waiting with my team in the offices for the result.)

Sleeping Beauty is not sleeping anymore…#viennagetsup


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