fall rain

Winter is Coming

Forecasts say that the end of summer is well and truly upon us, with fall weather nowhere to stay in Austria. After a pleasantly sunny September and early October, temperatures will now drop to the 5-15°C range. On Wednesday, a cold front from the North Sea began moving frigid, humid air across the entire alpine region according to a report on heute.at, bringing forecasts of rain and even snow. Rain poured across western Austria on Wednesday morning, moving toward the south and east over the course of the day.

Meteorologists predict that Thursday will remain cloudy, with gusty winds and heavy rains, particularly in eastern Austria. It should largely clear up by the weekend, though cloud cover will remain. However, expect yet more rain next week.

While sun worshippers may feel the pang of loss, the pumpkin spice crowd can toast the onset of sweater weather. The Heuriger are in full swing and ready to fill your cup with wine – lots of it. For those with gardens or planted balconies, ’tis the season to say farewell to your annuals and get those daffodil and tulip bulbs in the ground. If you drive, spare a thought for winter tires. If you ride a bicycle, there are trails of great beauty to enjoy. And for everyone, it is time to break out those hats, scarves, and parkas. Fall weather is here, polish your boots. Winter is coming.