Word of the Week: Blad [blaːt]

Adjective. Blad means fat, overweight, obese. Orig. from gebläht (bloated).

Blad is the natural result of the Viennese fondness for calorie-rich food and drinks like Kümmelbraten with the perennial Knödel, Grammelschmalz, Schnitzel, and the countless cakes and pastries (mit Schlag!) invented or popularized here over the centuries – to say nothing of beer, wine, and Turbopunsch.  

As blad is thus a rather common condition given the nature of traditional Viennese cuisine and the staggering number of Konditoreien (confectioners), there are numerous terms relating to excessive girth: wampert is synonymous with blad and stems from Wampe (a pot or beer belly – the owner thereof would be a Wamperter), while a Backhendlfriedhof (lit. “fried chicken cemetery”) is a more playful term for an enormous midsection that has become the final resting place of many a hapless breaded chicken.

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