Word of the Week: Glumpert [ˈɡlʊmpɐt]

Noun. Glumpert means junk, crap; broken, useless, things. Orig. from Gelumpe (rags). Note that it generally does not refer to actual garbage – after all, trash is simply the detritus of something useful that has served its purpose. 

Glumpert, however, often never really functioned in the first place: It can be something that should work but routinely doesn’t (like a printer or photocopier); something old and unreliable (like a pre-war elevator); something of poor quality (like a cheap shirt); something expensive that breaks just days after the warranty expires (like an Italian coffeemaker), or even something that has no discernible purpose (like a fidget spinner), or at least not a useful one (like a selfie stick).

Either way, Glumpert routinely tests the average Wiener’s patience, often giving a pretext to complain loudly about overpaying for something essentially worthless. 

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