At the Kunstsupermarkt, original art has a tiny price tag. Who knows? You may pick up the next Ernst Fuchs, Hermann Nitsch or Gottfried Helnwein.

What ever happened to art being a “matter of taste”? If people didn’t have to be rich, eccentric and well-connected to purchase original art we might get closer to enjoying the stuff for its aesthetic merits. This was the idea behind the Kunst-supermarkt. Since 1998 it has aimed to make art affordable and accessible to anyone interested. Every October through January, visitors can buy fresh original art at bargain basement prices.

You’ll find over 5000 pieces by 90 artists from 13 different countries. This year the Kunstsupermarkt is themed around the question “What is Vienna?” meaning that artists who have a connection to Vienna were asked to deal with the city and its culture. The names range from budding art students to established artists who show internationally. There are some breathtaking photographs by Christian Stangl, winner of the SONY World Photography Awards in 2014 or the Parisian Philippe Mendel whose paintings won the prix spécial at Salon National des Beaux Arts at the Louvre.

Most of the drawings, watercolors, acrylics and oil paintings, photographs and sculptures cost between €59 and €330. The Kunstsupermarkt also takes place in Germany and Switzerland, and the artists are rotated through the different markets to give them more exposure and the art buyers more diversity.

On January 16th, 2016 the Kunstsupermarkt will close its doors. There will be a finissage with many of the artists present. As one of the organizers, Peter Doujak told us, the artists very much value the feedback from “non-experts.” He also gave us some numbers: of the 5,000-5,500 works of art they have each year they sell around 3,500 to the 30,000 visitors the supermarket gets in three short months.

Kunstsupermarkt – Through Jan. 16, 2016

1060, Mariahilfer Straße 103,